Charlotte - The language training co

Hello! My name is, Charlotte.

I have been doing this job since…forever! And I'm willing to keep on doing it this summer camp with these international kids. I am a Biology who has enjoyed working with little kids as one of them. So I'm looking forward to the date where we will get all together!
Between my hobbies i would say travelling is one of the things i most enjoy, i have also lived in several places and i have always liked the international exchange this experience always carries.

I am a very active person, always occupying my time with different volunteering programs, jobs, studies and an intense social life. I enjoy very much spending time with my awesome friends always planning new exciting things to do together.

And like i said before, I also enjoy working with kids, as i think this way of education can have a very positive effect on kids, and a little part of me goes back to childhood when making up new games for the kids to have as much fun as possible, which will be the aim of my work during this summer.