Carlee (Pani) - The language training co

I grew up in sunny Florida, USA, where I began assisting summer camps as a kid until the age of 18, when I decided to take the course and get certified to become a camp counsellor myself.

I’ve worked with children of all ages in different situations, from private tutoring to birthday party celebrations, always involving English, educational and sports and leisure purposes and each and every single time I have had amazing experiences.

It is by far the most rewarding job I’ve had: to look after, teach and show the world to another generation, helping them learn and improve English along the way. From ESL teaching in Southern France to English Immersion Camps in the heart of Spain, I’ve gathered different experiences and managed to enrich the vocabulary and boost the English level of so many kids, and what’s most important: help them lose the shyness and adverse feelings towards a foreign language! It can easily become one of their favourite hobbies to practice another language, as it is in fact one of mine as well!