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The importance of the level of English

The importance of the level of English

We found some interesting key facts from the EF EPI reports and we though about sharing with you.

"English skills don’t just matter because they are the career currency of the future and a ticket to a global, connected future for the individual. They also matter at the national level because they can tell us a lot about a country’s level of economic competitiveness and future prospects.

The following are key findings:

  • Europe has the highest overall English proficiency level – although Spain, Italy, and France continue to lag behind their European neighbors
  • Latin America is the only region in the world that suffered an overall decline in English proficiency
  • Led by South Africa, African countries improved their English more than any other region
  • Women continue to have better English skills than men in almost all age groups and countries

High English proficiency levels are part and parcel of a future that is prosperous, connected, and healthy, no matter where you are in the world."