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Become a Host Family


We welcome many students each year. It’s a fantastic opportunity for our students to engage and experience British culture with a local family. Also, there is a chance for you as a host family to learn a different culture as well as meeting new people without leaving your home.

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Host Family


There are other fantastic benefits when hosting with The Language Training Co:

  • Expand your family’s horizons
  • Competitive Rates – Earn extra income
  • Our Staff are contactable 27/4 emergency phone number
  • Promote mutual cultural understanding, bringing different nationalities together to share ideas and compare values
  • Host Adults or juniors - tell us your preferences and availability.

The length of time a student chooses to stay with a host family varies greatly – students may stay anywhere between one week to a year.

Conditions of the accommodation with a family

The participant’s bedroom shall remain within the hosts house or apartment. The maximum number of people per bedroom shall be clearly stated, and it shall not exceed the number of 3 in a regular bedroom. The meals shall be specified in the contract. The British council will demand the international organization to motivate the host family so they care about the integration of the participant in their daily life, asking them for example to:

  • Share meals with the participant.
  • Invite the participant to take part in the family social life.
  • Incentivise the participant to talk so he/she uses the foreign language as much as possible.
  • Promote mutual respect against cultural differences.

The British council shall demand the international organization to select host families that:

  • Only speak to the participant or in his/her presence, in the language that he/she is studying.
  • Give notice if the participant is having health problems.

The host family shall not host more than 4 participants unless otherwise clearly stated in the information prior to signing the contract, or agreed with the client in a written agreement.

Well-being: in case of minors, the reasons of no assistance or absence to classes and activities must be further investigated, in order to take the appropriate measures.

If you would like to be apart for an exciting experience and become a host family in Bournemouth, click on the ‘APPLY TO BECOME A HOST FAMILY’ button and fill in the online application form.